free and easy diy planner project: ‘if found’ graphic

planner 'if found' graphic

Free Planner or Bullet Journal ‘If Found’ Graphic

Hello! I’ve got a super fun and easy DIY project for you today. I was trying to come up with a way to add an ‘If Found’ graphic or statement for my planner and wanted to make it prominent and durable at the same time. And it would be a plus to be able to move it from planner to planner as I work my way through them. I think I came up with a solution and I wanted to share it with you!


I created the graphic to include a reward for safe return, but if you’d rather not include one, simply trim that part off. More on that below.

You can download the PDF of this graphic below, FREE, no strings attached. As I build this blog I want to expand out a library of free resources and this is the first!

Ready to get started? Let’s go!

Check out video instructions here…

Here’s what you’ll need:

(…but remember, its YOUR project and you can choose to add or remove any element and make it your own):


  1. The PDF Graphic
  2. Pen for writing
  3. Washi Tape
  4. Paper Trimmer
  5. Color pens or pencils for embellishing (optional)
  6. Laminator and laminator sheet, or equivalent (optional)
  7. Double sided tape


  1. Download the free ‘if found’ graphic PDF. Print and cut at cropmarks. The finished size is  4×4.75″. I like to use a nice quality paper like Hammermill 32lb Laser Print.if-found-please-return
  2. If you dont want to include a reward, simply trim the last line off and the finished size should be 4×4″.
  3. Fill in your name and contact information between the two dotted lines. Fill in a reward amount if offering one.
  4. Color in the decorative elements or leave it black and white.
  5. For each edge of the graphic, align washi tape half way lengthwise and fold  the remaining half onto the back.
  6. Run through a laminator and trim to .125″ around. If you dont have a laminator and still want that protective effect, there are tons of products and tutorials for alternatives.laminated-diy-project-planner
  7. With double sided tape (I like Duck Brand, adhere to the front inside cover or one of the first pages of your planner or bullet journal so its easily viewable.  Here Im using a clear acetate sheet that came with my Filofax.if-found-diy-planner-graphic


Voila! That’s it. In the unfortunate event your planner gets misplaced, you have a better chance of getting it returned safe and sound.

If you’ve used this graphic in your planner or bullet journal I’d LOVE to see it. Tag me on Instagram at @littlecranepaperco and show off your handiwork.

Happy planning!

free 'if found' graphic

*This post includes affiliate links for the supplies I used in this project.