holiday gift guide: gifts under $50 for planner lovers

Have a planner lover on your holiday gift list this year? I’ve pulled together a great list of the latest and greatest planner related supplies and goodies, all under $50 in this Holiday Gift Guide, to give you some ideas! Let’s jump right in! I’ve grouped things together in categories to give some organization to the chaos that is planner supplies. Check out the linked title for each item.

Holiday Gift Guide for Planner Lovers

planner holiday gift guide


Erin Condren Life Planner Erin Condren Life Planners are a popular choice among planner! See what’s  new for 2018. (Get 30% off with code ECBF17 during their Black Friday Sale!) Erin Condren Life Planner 2018 The Happy Planner Another gold standard in planners…the MAMBI Happy Planner comes in several designs and sizes. MAMBI The Happy Planner Leather Traveler’s Notebooks More of a traveler’s notebook kind of planner? I just so happen to have some of those in my shop! (And they’re on sale until December 1, 2017!) Leather Traveler's Notebook Covers


Leuchtturm1917 Dotted Notebook Another popular choice for planners and bullet journalers. The dot grid pattern is perfect for writing, drawing, jotting, etc. Leuchtturm1917 Dotted Notebook Sticker Paper Every planner should know about sticker paper. Print your favorite printable stickers to save time and money. Field Notes These cuties come in a variety of sizes and styles and are perfect for your Midori style traveler’s notebooks. Field Notes - holiday gift guide Printables & Stickers Speaking of stickers…there are lots of options when it comes to printable charts, stickers, layout and papers. They are all the rage. Check out some of the ones in my own shop! 2018 bullet journal stickers


Pilot FriXion Gel Pens These FriXion pens are the best of both worlds when it comes to erasable pens. Pilot Frixion Gel Pens Zebra Mildliners Another popular option for adding mild color to your planners. These come in a pretty array of colors. Zebra Mild Liners


Happy Planner Paper Punch Any MAMBI Happy Planner owner will want to get their hands on the Happy Planner Paper Punch. It comes in so handy when adding your own paper layouts to your Happy Planner. The Happy Planner Hole Punch Washi Tape A planner can’t have too much washi! The options are endless, but here are some great ones… Cacti Washi Tape cacti washi tape - holiday gift guide Extra Skinny Washi Tape extra skinny washi tape Allydrew Washi Tape washi tape   Heidi Swap Date Stamp This is my new favorite planner tool! The stamp goes from 2012 to 2021 and beyond with a “20__” slot. heidi swapp date stamp Planner Clips Im a sucker for adorable paper clips like these… planner clips 6-Inch Ruler This handy little ruler fits nicely in a planner pocket for on-the-go measuring and grid making. I use this little guy constantly.   6 inch ruler

Storage & Organization

Zytty Utility Rolling Cart This one is on my Christmas list this year! I love the idea of all my supplies and goodies in one place, on rollers to boot Zytty Utility Cart MAMBI Storage Case A great way to organize and carry your planner stash is with the MAMBI Storage Case… MAMBI Storage Case Sticker Storage How cute these little sticker storage wallets are! sticker storage

For Fun

Planner Mug Now that’s just cute. planner mug Canvas Pencil Case What every planner needs to take pens and supplies with you. planner storage pouch Etsy Gift Card When all else fails and you’re just not sure what to get, Etsy gift cards are a great option! etsy gift card So there you have it. I hope this Holiday Gift Guide inspires and aids in your holiday shopping for that special planner on your list!

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how to create laminated bible tabs

Lately I’ve been exploring the wonderful world of Bible journaling. I use the ESV Journaling Bible from Crossway.

ESV Journaling BIble

I love the practice (…and it is practice for me at this juncture) and combining active creativity with the study of God’s Word.

bible journaling

bible journaling

bible journaling

bible journalingOne of the things I wanted to add to my journaling Bible were laminated Bible tabs for book reference. So I designed a set in my own aesthetic and decided to offer them for sale in my Etsy shop.

I used a few of my favorite tools…my Silhouette Portrait and Scotch Laminator to create laminated stickers for these double sided tabs. I wanted secure and durable Bible tabs to stand up to use over time.

silhouette portrait

Here I’m sharing how I created these little cuties. Though I will be using the printable Bible tabs available for purchase in my shop, you don’t have to use them to use this technique. Let’s dive into it!

diy bible tabs

What you will need:

  • Set of printable Bible tabs (you can purchase mine here)
  • Printer
  • Sticker Paper (I recommend these Avery sticker sheets)
  • Laminator (i.e. Scotch brand) or self seal laminator sheets
  • Electronic die cutter (Cricut, Silhouette, etc.), or patience and a pair of scissors
  • Paper Trimmer
  • Bone Folder (optional)
  • Piece of chipboard/cardboard


  1. Preheat your laminator. Make sure it is fully heated by the time you laminate your sticker sheets.
  2. Print out your printable tabs. For me, I use my Silhouette to print so the registration marks are included.
    how to bible tabs
  3. Insert two pages of your printable tabs, back to back, into a laminating pouch. If you’re using self-seal pouches follow manufacturer’s instructions on laminating and skip the next step. This will give you a laminated layer on top of each page.  For the last sheet of tabs, back with a blank sheet of paper or print out two of the page 5 tabs for extra blank tabs.
    bible tab set etsy bible tabs
  4. Insert into your laminator. I ran mine through a couple of times just to make it adhere to the sticker paper as much as possible.
    scotch laminator
  5. Trim the excess lamination, precisely around the 8.5×11 sticker sheets. You should now have just the sticker sheets with the lamination on top and the sticker backing on the back.
    bible tab stickers laminated tabs bible tabs svg
  6. Moving to your electronic cutter, place the sheet on your mat and cut according to your specific cutting process. You will need to adjust cutting depth to allow for the lamination layer on top of your sticker. Ideally make the cut a ‘kiss cut’ so that the tabs are still adhered to the back layer of the sticker paper. This will make it much easier to remove the tabs and keep things organized.  It may take a bit of trial and error to get this cut just right. For the Silhouette Portrait, I used the following settings:Blade Depth: 6
    Speed: 6
    Thickness: 33
    Silhouette cutting laminate silhouette tabs
  7. Remove the first tab from the sticker sheet. Fold in half slightly. The shape of the tab will create a natural fold. Tip: If the sticker separates slightly from the laminate, run the tab back through your laminator (if you’re worried about it being too small and getting stuck, washi tape it to a sheep to copy paper).
  8. Position the front of the tab on the page, then turn the page over and completely secure the tab to the page on both sides. To get a tight fold line, position some cardboard under the tab and use your bone folder to completely fold the tab in half.
    bible tabs project bible tabs DIYbooks of the bible bible tabs how-to
  9. Add the tabs to the first page of each book as desired. For spacing, try alternating how many Bible tabs you put in one row (i.e., 4 on one row, 3 on the next). Be patient! It takes a bit of time to do all 66 tab stickers journaling bible tabs

And there you have it! A tabbed index for your Bible. If you have any questions please leave a comment below. And be sure to follow me on Instagram for more Bible journaling goodness.

bible tabs

Happy journaling



sleep tracker: free diy planner project

Today I’d like to share a free little DIY Sleep Tracker project I have personally found very helpful over the past couple of years.

When I started using an analog planning system a couple of years ago, my sleep patterns were one of the first things I started tracking.

Sleep eludes me at times. Am I the only one? I wanted more information on what effected my sleep and in turn, what my lack of sleep effected. Im not sure where I originally found inspiration for this layout, but you’ll find a plethora of sleep tracker layouts on social media.

Free DIY Planner Sleep Tracker

This is a simple DIY project…you can find the actual tracker in my Free Printable Library.

Here’s what you will need:

Let’s get started!

1. Download the Sleep Tracker PDF here.

2. Print out the size you need for your planner (all three sizes are included in one PDF and clearly marked).

3. Using a paper trimmer or Exacto knife and ruler, trim at the cropmarks.

4. Use washi tape to reinforce the hole punch line. Here I’m layering two different widths of washi to give extra support.

5. Hole punch for your particular planner (or adhere into your bound journal with adhesive or sticker paper). Here I’m making the tracker to fit the Happy Planner – Classic and using the Arc Punch.

6. Embellish your tracker. I’m using Tombow Dual Brush Pen Art Markers in Bright here (colors 133, 055, N75, 493 and the Colorless Brush Pen). Color in the cloud add stars…use your imagination!

Tombow diy projectTombow blending pen free happy planner printable

Here I’m using the Colorless Blender (N00) to soften the edges
bullet journal sleep tracker
sleep tracker
7. Insert into your planner.
Tombow diy project planner sleep tracker
8. As you track your hours of sleep each night, get creative with your shading. Use diagonals, circles, stars, etc.
free diy planner sleep tracker

Try to track each night the following morning to gain an accurate insight into your sleep.

Here’s to better nights of sleep! Enjoy…if you liked this project, please comment and feel free to share!



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july bullet journal bundle | new product

Ok bullet journalers and planner addicts! The July Bullet Journal Bundle is here!

July plan with me

July Bullet Journal Bundle


Save time and money, while creating beautiful layouts in your A5 size bullet journal or planner.

The July Bullet Journal Bundle is the a monthly bundle perfect for the bullet journaler who would like a few time-saving shortcuts or needs some artistic direction.

July Bullet Journal Cover Page

This month’s bundle is themed “Desert Bloom” and features cacti and succulents (I am a desert dweller, after all!) and unexpected geometric shapes. With this bundle you can completely customize your layouts with your own special touch. The download is easy to use and comes with very detailed instructions on how to print, trim, punch and use your layouts.


  • Dot Grid Paper
  • Monthly Habit Tracker & Mood Tracker Page
  • Monthly Expense Log
  • Monthly Log
  • 16 Doodled Cacti Sticker Set
  • DIY Geometric Planter Cover Printable
  • Detailed Instructions

July Bullet Journal Bundle Cacti Succulent Printable Stickers

july habit tracker

I’ve created the following videos demonstrating how I used this bundle in my own bullet journal. Take a look…

And here’s a quick tutorial on making the included origami planter cover…

The possibilities are endless…keep it simple black and white, color it in with your favorite pens or pencils, add washi, or even use watercolors like I did…the sky’s the limit. Several of the layouts in this bundle are non-dated and can be used at any time.

July Weekly Spread

DIY origami planter cover

Printable bullet journal stickers

So why planner/journal printables?

  • Instant – Instantly download the PDF and print at home…no waiting for the mailman!
  • Economical – Print as many as you’d like, the file is yours forever. Comes two to a page for easy printing
  • Flexible – Print on sticker paper (clear or plain), cardstock, colored paper, etc.
  • Customizable – Black and white so you can add your own colors and style…or not!

watercolor planner stickers

july monthly log
Visit my Etsy shop and grab your kit today…use only the items you need or the whole kit. And if you do, please share your creation and tag me on Instagram!


new product: monthly expense tracker

Have you ever gotten half way through the month and you’re in shock that all your spending money for the entire month has disappeared? Oh, its just me?

Well, as well-budgeted as I try to be, I still have those times when little expenditures sneak up on me and I’m taken back at how much they’ve added up to be.

Enter the monthly expense tracker. I created this out of a personal necessity (as per usual…) as a way to easily track my little purchases throughout the month right from my bullet journal.

The way our finances work, I leave a certain amount each month dedicated to extras, anything over and above household expenses and events that I know are going to be there.

This would be things like field trip fees, birthday presents, fundraiser donations, a replacement mouthpiece for wrestling (for the 57th time…), a new pen set for planning, etc., etc. Those things always come up and they need to be accounted for if you want to stay on track and on top of a budget.

The monthly expense tracker I’ve created comes in four sizes…

There is plenty of space for your monthly expenses with 28 rows, and the beauty of a downloadable file is you can print as many as you need for no additional cost. Its easy to use, economical, and comes in very handy!

So check out the newly released monthly expense tracker in my shop…and happy planning!

etsy shop sale to celebrate 1000 sales!

This evening I reached my 1,000th sale! Its been quite a year creating, dreaming, experimenting and meeting wonderful people in the Etsy community.

To celebrate Im having a little sale! From now until 6/10/17, get 50% off your order of $10 or more…no quantity limit. So if you’ve been poking around my shop, this is your opportunity to save even more on planner and bullet journal goodies!

Use code “1000SALES” at check out to receive this discount.

Happy planning!

free and easy diy planner project: ‘if found’ graphic

planner 'if found' graphic

Free Planner or Bullet Journal ‘If Found’ Graphic

Hello! I’ve got a super fun and easy DIY project for you today. I was trying to come up with a way to add an ‘If Found’ graphic or statement for my planner and wanted to make it prominent and durable at the same time. And it would be a plus to be able to move it from planner to planner as I work my way through them. I think I came up with a solution and I wanted to share it with you!


I created the graphic to include a reward for safe return, but if you’d rather not include one, simply trim that part off. More on that below.

You can download the PDF of this graphic below, FREE, no strings attached. As I build this blog I want to expand out a library of free resources and this is the first!

Ready to get started? Let’s go!

Check out video instructions here…

Here’s what you’ll need:

(…but remember, its YOUR project and you can choose to add or remove any element and make it your own):


  1. The PDF Graphic
  2. Pen for writing
  3. Washi Tape
  4. Paper Trimmer
  5. Color pens or pencils for embellishing (optional)
  6. Laminator and laminator sheet, or equivalent (optional)
  7. Double sided tape


  1. Download the free ‘if found’ graphic PDF. Print and cut at cropmarks. The finished size is  4×4.75″. I like to use a nice quality paper like Hammermill 32lb Laser Print.if-found-please-return
  2. If you dont want to include a reward, simply trim the last line off and the finished size should be 4×4″.
  3. Fill in your name and contact information between the two dotted lines. Fill in a reward amount if offering one.
  4. Color in the decorative elements or leave it black and white.
  5. For each edge of the graphic, align washi tape half way lengthwise and fold  the remaining half onto the back.
  6. Run through a laminator and trim to .125″ around. If you dont have a laminator and still want that protective effect, there are tons of products and tutorials for alternatives.laminated-diy-project-planner
  7. With double sided tape (I like Duck Brand, adhere to the front inside cover or one of the first pages of your planner or bullet journal so its easily viewable.  Here Im using a clear acetate sheet that came with my Filofax.if-found-diy-planner-graphic


Voila! That’s it. In the unfortunate event your planner gets misplaced, you have a better chance of getting it returned safe and sound.

If you’ve used this graphic in your planner or bullet journal I’d LOVE to see it. Tag me on Instagram at @littlecranepaperco and show off your handiwork.

Happy planning!

free 'if found' graphic

*This post includes affiliate links for the supplies I used in this project.

new product: june bullet journal kit

Are you a bullet journaler? Do you love the drawing, charting, coloring, creating? Awesome! Me too.

But sometimes I don’t always have the time to create from scratch everything that I need for the month. So, I came up with a solution I use personally and am now offering in my Etsy shop.

June Bullet Journal Kit

The June Bullet Journal Kit is new in my shop and the FIRST of the monthly kits planned to release. Its perfect for the bullet journaler who would like a few saving shortcuts or needs some artistic direction. This month’s kit is themed “Blue Bird” and features a whimsical bird, flowers and trellis motif. With this kit you can completely customize your layouts with your own special touch. The download is easy to use and comes with very detailed instructions on how to print, trim, punch and use your layouts.

I’ve created a video demonstrating how I used the June kit in my own journal:

The Kit Includes the Following 8 Layouts

  • June Title Page
  • Monthly Habit Tracker
  • Monthly Mood Tracker
  • Monthly Expense Log
  • Monthly Log
  • Events and Goals Layout
  • Weekly Spread (2 pages)

The Kit is Available in the Following Sizes/Formats:

The possibilities are endless…keep it simple black and white, color it in with your favorite pens or pencils, add washi and stickers to embellish, or even use watercolors…the sky’s the limit. The trackers in each kit are non-dated and can be used at any time.

So go grab your kit today…use only the ones you need or the whole kit. And if you do, please share your creation and tag me on Instagram!


new product: handmade workflow chart

As an Etsy seller, I have many check points along the creation path of a new product. So many in fact, I started a Google Doc to make sure I didn’t miss one of the steps in the process that might negatively impact the success of the products in my shop. That’s the story behind my new Handmade Workflow Chart.

Handmade Workflow Chart

Workflow Chart for Makers

The Handmade Workflow Chart is a non-digital tracker for the production process for any number of products. The reason I love this system is I can touch and hold an actual chart and keep track of my products in a physical, analog way.

Handmade Chart

Im a ‘planner girl’, so I pop this little tracker in my planner and I can get a high level view of my products and where they are in the production process.

Handmade Workflow Chart

The best part is the chart comes as a Microsoft Word and Pages for Mac file. So, you can edit the process steps along the top of the chart before you print it out. Totally customizable!

Check out the video tutorial on using this chart…

Available in Happy Planner Classic and A5 (1/2 sheet) sizes.

Intrigued? Click the image below to learn more…Handmade Workflow Chart



inside my workspace

Want a peek inside my home workspace?

Every weekday from about 8:00 a.m to 4:30 p.m., you’ll find me in my very hip, high-tech workplace where I get to solve design problems for our clientele. After a 50 minute commute, I sit in front of a giant screen, surrounded by extremely smart individuals creating cutting edge websites. Eight hours later, I repeat the process in reverse and head back to my rural home, where my people are.

As much as I love my fabulous, stimulating day job, most weekends you can find me happily piddling around in my own workspace, on this project or that, working with a variety of textiles or designing my own line of products. Here I get to be creative, be messy, spread my treasures out and think and just be. There’s nothing more satisfying to me to be in this space. My space.

inside my workspace

workspace decor

embroidery organization

On paper its nothing more than 10×10 4th bedroom in our home. But to me its my sanctuary, morphing and evolving as my interests and hobbies change.

my workspace desk

clock wall

desk space

I recognize how completely blessed I am to have a designated workspace just for my whimsies. Not everyone has that luxury. I know because it wasn’t always this way for me either. There were many years when the square footage was tight and curious little fingerprints were all over my projects and supplies. The moral of the story? If its not where you want it yet, there will probably come a day when you’ll have a workspace of your own.

colored pencils

What about you? Do you have a designated room, corner, closet, workspace, nook for your very own?