how to create laminated bible tabs

Lately I’ve been exploring the wonderful world of Bible journaling. I use the ESV Journaling Bible from Crossway.

ESV Journaling BIble

I love the practice (…and it is practice for me at this juncture) and combining active creativity with the study of God’s Word.

bible journaling

bible journaling

bible journaling

bible journalingOne of the things I wanted to add to my journaling Bible were laminated Bible tabs for book reference. So I designed a set in my own aesthetic and decided to offer them for sale in my Etsy shop.

I used a few of my favorite tools…my Silhouette Portrait and Scotch Laminator to create laminated stickers for these double sided tabs. I wanted secure and durable Bible tabs to stand up to use over time.

silhouette portrait

Here I’m sharing how I created these little cuties. Though I will be using the printable Bible tabs available for purchase in my shop, you don’t have to use them to use this technique. Let’s dive into it!

diy bible tabs

What you will need:

  • Set of printable Bible tabs (you can purchase mine here)
  • Printer
  • Sticker Paper (I recommend these Avery sticker sheets)
  • Laminator (i.e. Scotch brand) or self seal laminator sheets
  • Electronic die cutter (Cricut, Silhouette, etc.), or patience and a pair of scissors
  • Paper Trimmer
  • Bone Folder (optional)
  • Piece of chipboard/cardboard


  1. Preheat your laminator. Make sure it is fully heated by the time you laminate your sticker sheets.
  2. Print out your printable tabs. For me, I use my Silhouette to print so the registration marks are included.
    how to bible tabs
  3. Insert two pages of your printable tabs, back to back, into a laminating pouch. If you’re using self-seal pouches follow manufacturer’s instructions on laminating and skip the next step. This will give you a laminated layer on top of each page.  For the last sheet of tabs, back with a blank sheet of paper or print out two of the page 5 tabs for extra blank tabs.
    bible tab set etsy bible tabs
  4. Insert into your laminator. I ran mine through a couple of times just to make it adhere to the sticker paper as much as possible.
    scotch laminator
  5. Trim the excess lamination, precisely around the 8.5×11 sticker sheets. You should now have just the sticker sheets with the lamination on top and the sticker backing on the back.
    bible tab stickers laminated tabs bible tabs svg
  6. Moving to your electronic cutter, place the sheet on your mat and cut according to your specific cutting process. You will need to adjust cutting depth to allow for the lamination layer on top of your sticker. Ideally make the cut a ‘kiss cut’ so that the tabs are still adhered to the back layer of the sticker paper. This will make it much easier to remove the tabs and keep things organized.  It may take a bit of trial and error to get this cut just right. For the Silhouette Portrait, I used the following settings:Blade Depth: 6
    Speed: 6
    Thickness: 33
    Silhouette cutting laminate silhouette tabs
  7. Remove the first tab from the sticker sheet. Fold in half slightly. The shape of the tab will create a natural fold. Tip: If the sticker separates slightly from the laminate, run the tab back through your laminator (if you’re worried about it being too small and getting stuck, washi tape it to a sheep to copy paper).
  8. Position the front of the tab on the page, then turn the page over and completely secure the tab to the page on both sides. To get a tight fold line, position some cardboard under the tab and use your bone folder to completely fold the tab in half.
    bible tabs project bible tabs DIYbooks of the bible bible tabs how-to
  9. Add the tabs to the first page of each book as desired. For spacing, try alternating how many Bible tabs you put in one row (i.e., 4 on one row, 3 on the next). Be patient! It takes a bit of time to do all 66 tab stickers journaling bible tabs

And there you have it! A tabbed index for your Bible. If you have any questions please leave a comment below. And be sure to follow me on Instagram for more Bible journaling goodness.

bible tabs

Happy journaling